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Nail Care

Most people don't know how to take care of their nails
Often we don't know that we should. In this short guide you'll be presented with facts about those twenty parts of your body you could care more about.
Our nails are only found at edges of our fingertips and toes. They are made of the same material as your hair and they protect the fingers from the top side. Since ancient Egypt nail care has been a key element of beauty for all sexes.
Nails will forever keep growing. Cutting them is essential. You have a desired look for your finger and toe nails. But how can you achieve that? Are your nails ever going to look as good as an actor's nails? Will you ever shape them like a celebrity?
Beyond the looks, you must take care of your nails to keep them healthy. Are the sides sometimes swollen? are your cuticles (the thin skin at the nail's edge) painful? Do you get ingrown nails?
Taking positive steps towards healthier nails will make you feel more comfortable and more in charge of your image.
The best way to start is to examine your equipment. What do you use to cut your nails? Is it a disposable nail clipper that pushes your finger to make a cut? Is the cut appropriate every time? Or are some parts chewed instead of cut? 
Precision made instruments are the choice of professionals. Handmade precision nail nippers are the best options for nail care. But they are on the pricey side. These nippers are made to the same standards as surgical tools. They are tested and refined before they can be sold. 

Precision nail nippers are better because:

  1. Nail nippers have a different shape. They are held like a pair of pliers. This position makes your hand very stable. It is much safer when cutting a nail like this, especially if it's a baby.
  2. They are sharpened like knives. Any cheap product works well for a few weeks and then fails. If you keep using it after that point you risk the health of your nails and fingers. A hand sharpened nipper will continue to perform perfectly for years.
  3. They last longer. One disposable item may stop being sharp within a month. The sharpness of a handmade nipper lasts for years.
  4. The material is more reliable and less likely to rust.
  5. You can choose a nipper without a tip to be safer with kids.
Nail nippers are a tool for life. Easy to use, precise and good looking at home.
How long until the good results?
It takes 3-4 cuts for the nail to regain a healthier and more attractive shape. Keep an idea in mind about how you want it to look and cut accordingly. 
Is it worth the cost?
Yes, you will get a lot more than just your money back with a good nipper. It's like buying good tools. They last many years and they perform great.
Is Suwada making these or just selling them?
Suwada specialises in the individual manufacturing of handmade nail nippers. All our products are made in Japan. This is our official e-shop for the UK, EU and USA, so you are guaranteed to get the products straight from the source.
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