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Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish
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Sommelier Knife - Mirror Polish

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Waiter's Knife, by SUWADA

Every wine bottle needs a wine opener. But a good wine needs a very good opener.

Suwada sought to solve this need, so that you can open any bottle in front of your guests by using a beautiful tool. In this way the focus is on you and the wine. 

Good wine is matched by a good opening technique. With all senses engaged in this quick experience, and you can prepare yourself for a good tasting session when the waiter shows confidence in his or her moves.

How would that change, if the waiter used a plastic corkscrew? How would you feel if the opener was a work of art?

What it brings to you:

  • Style in your interior design
  • Easy uncorking of any wine, using a two-step mechanism
  • Avoid broken corks
  • Delight your guests with showcasing the corkscrew on a bottle


Material: Stainless Steel
Made in Japan

In the box:

Suwada Sommelier Knife x 1


Do not put in a dishwasher.

Who is this for?

This product is for wine lovers. Anyone who loves wine will certainly see parallels between the long process of wine making and the long process of making this sommelier corkscrew. It makes a great gift idea for anyone in your circle who loves a glass of good wine. 

The Design

A good sommelier knife performs and looks great at the same time. Leave this one on a bottle and it looks like a giant fish jumping out of the water. The body lines inspired by Suwada's nail nippers give it an elegant character. The focus of the designers was on simplicity, removing all parts that could be replaced by design.

Double step designs allow you to pull out the cork without using much strength. Step one, then step two, and it's done. We have replaced the traditional double hinge design while ensuring you always take the whole cork out in one piece.

The knife has been placed on the corkscrew itself, minimizing the moves you have to make to open a bottle. The overall curved design makes it easier to hold securely and removes pressure from your ring and little fingers when pulling.

It has a balanced feel, like a well-built kitchen knife.

At the tip you have a bottle opener, designed to open bottles without damaging the caps. If you want to seal your drink and continue another time, you can simply push the cap back on. It is as easy as it sounds.

How it’s made

It takes about 3 months of work to make a sommelier corkscrew in Suwada.

We start by injecting hot metal into a mould. Each mould is only used once, making each product completely individual. Once it has cooled down the mould is broken and the new pieces go through 60 steps of grinding, polishing and quality control.

In order to ensure the highest quality possible, production is limited to 200 pieces per year.

Made in Japan

When a product is broken down and remade by Japanese designers and craftsmen you expect it to be more elaborate, elegant and long lasting. All this is true for this sommelier corkscrew. It is made using high quality Japanese stainless steel, shaped and polished by hand.

The traditional designs are great, but sometimes stiff to use. A craftsman in Suwada proposed this design, to showcase what the Japanese think and feel about wine. His prototype won an international design award (Suwada, Good Design Awards, 2020).

The slim shape, ease of use and delicate lines all speak of the Japanese culture. This is not a corkscrew that you throw into the drawer after you use it. It’s something that you place on the table next to your glass.

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