Garden Flowers - 4 simple reasons to grow your own

Garden Flowers - 4 simple reasons to grow your own

We all like flowers in one form or another. Why so few of us cultivate them? It is quick and cheap to learn a few basic techniques, and the results will give you the wow factor, for your own work. If you are still not convinced, here are a few reasons to start your own private flower garden.

1. Flowers reduce anxiety

One common reason most gardeners give when asked why they started gardening is reduced stress. Having to work from home, it becomes confusing to work and rest in the same place. Taking care of a few plants on a daily basis offers a mental refuge and a break from the inner dialogue.

2. It keeps you active

Depending on the size of your garden, you are likely to keep fit. Gardeners are usually very fit and healthy. That is because they have less cortisol in their system, as well as because they have to be physically involved in the process. Although plants could take care of themselves, the success of a small, private garden depends on it owner and his/her tools.

Ready to start gardening yet?

3. It helps you visualise

When you make a garden you pick the seeds you want to plant. You care for them. You visualise the result, after which you only maintain the garden. It is a little bit like a project. You set the requirements you want reach and plan to reach them.

This works best when you bring it inside the house and work on your interior design objects using vases like this one.

4. It keeps you grounded

It is different to not have stress and to live happily. To be grounded in reality while being able to plan for the future is essential to mental wellbeing. A small garden teaches you just that. If you think there's something to learn here, give it a try with a few pots. 

Suwada has been keen in maintaining small gardens around its factory in Japan. If you walk across it in springtime you will see roses, herbs, and a whole protected forest behind it.

One of our missions is to help promote the idea of small gardens. Start off small, and learn. You will get better at it and eventually you will proudly stand in front of your garden, and love every bit of it.

What do you think?

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