Suwada maintenance service

Suwada maintenance service

If your cutting tools are not working as they once did, do not throw them away! You can send it back to Suwada in Japan where the craftspeople who made them will repair and sharpen them.

Suwada Maintenance Service

If you decide your nipper, secateurs or other cutting tools need to be sharpened or fixed, you can send them directly to Suwada Japan for a maintenance service.

You can contact us directly if you are not sure if this is the right service for you.

Before you ship your items

  1. Send us an email at with a couple of photos of the cutting tool you want fixed.

  2. We will reply with our recommendations. It may be that you are able to fix the instrument yourself. If not we will ask you to send it to us for a full maintenance service.

Shipping your secateurs or nippers

Prepare your items, and wrap them in kitchen towels if they have no box, for safe postage. 

  1. Use a bubble wrap folder.

  2. Ship to:

    Suwada Open Factory
    ''For Maintenance''
    1332 Koanji,
    Sanjo City,
    Niigata Prefecture,

    Clearly indicate your return address (on the folder) and your email address so that we can contact you (on a piece of paper).

  3. We will email you to confirm that we received it.

Maintenance and repair service

Our craftspeople will fix, sharpen and perform a full quality control for your items. This normally takes up to three weeks.

Receiving them back

  1. We will send you a PayPal invoice once the repair service is finished

  2. The cost is 1000 JPY per item, plus shipping costs, which depend on your location. 

  3. Upon payment confirmation we will ship your parcel directly.

  4. The total time it takes is between 4-6 weeks.

The maintenance and repair service costs less than purchasing a new product, and gives your items a new life for many more years to come. 

There is no minimum number for the service. You can even send one nail nipper and we will show the same care and consistency.

We are at your disposal for any questions. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need to repair nail nippers or secateurs.

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