Nail Care

In Suwada, your nail care products are made with the same respect and attention to detail as a high-end kitchen knife, or a sculpture. It takes between 60 to 90 steps to go from two metal rods to the final product.
Superior cutting performance and contemporary design characterise Suwada's products. All nippers are medical grade instruments, made of high quality materials, designed, forged and shaped to last for years.
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Health and beauty go hand in hand, and that could not be more true about the appearance of hands. Hand skin and nails are always visible, and play their part in first impressions. To help our customers always have healthy and clean nails, we perfected the cutting process with an instrument that makes smooth cuts, so much so, that you don't even need to file them afterwards.
Japanese perfection comes in simple, everyday products that uplift your life experience in ways you don't expect! Our satisfaction derives from your happiness.
Watch how your nippers are made, and shop here.
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