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Mirror Cuticle Nipper

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Suwada Mirror Cuticle Nipper, model V-375

A tool that makes cutting cuticles easier, more precise, and a lot more fun! In addition to these, it also looks great!

Cuticles are found at the base of your nails. They are the dead skin that the nail drags out as it grows. You want to clean them to make your nails look bigger and healthier.

A cuticle nipper is an instrument of high precision. Most often used by professionals, it offers clean cuts and you can easily focus on just cutting off the dead skin.

Suwada has been making nail nippers and cuticle nippers since 1948. We pride ourselves on producing the best handmade, high precision nail care instruments in this price range.

This specific model features a 3mm or a 5mm blades' length and an inner spring cylinder, patented by Suwada. It cuts cleaner than cuticle scissors and reaches the sensitive areas more safely. Hand polished to a mirror finish by Japanese craftsmen, it is one of the most priced instruments among Tokyo's nail artists.

It comes in a metal case for safekeeping.

What to know about cuticles

We only remove dead skin from the tip of our nails. The cuticles are different from the eponychium, which is the living skin at the base of your nails and your body needs it to protect itself against foreign particles. Eponychium does sometimes have a dead skin part and we can indeed remove that. 

Start removing your cuticles after a warm shower. Otherwise, soak them in warm water for 3-5 minutes. Check what part looks like it needs care. Any dry skin you had noticed, any long cuticles. 

Gently cut off any parts of the eponychium that are too dry (dead skin). Once you have cleaned it, push it back with a cuticle pusher and clean any cuticles left. Careful not to tear of strain your skin.

Use a dry cloth to dry the fingertips. Moisturize and massage your hand and fingers.


  • Material: High-Carbon Stainless Steel
  • 100% Japanese Steel
  • 100% Made in Japan


  • Length: 11.7 cm
  • Blades: 0.5cm or 0.3cm

In the box:

  • One Suwada Mirror Cuticle Nipper, model V-375
  • Manual for maintenance

We recommend this product to you if you have the interest to be more in charge of the appearance and health of your nails. It will add style and prestige to your nail care set.


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