Flowers, for a happier home

In 2020 our daily lives changed. The pandemic didn't just change our everyday lives, it made us stay at home longer than before.

Since you are at home a lot more, you might as well make your place more enjoyable. One of the things you can do is adding flowers.

Flowers have long been associated with happiness, prosperity and health. There are countless myths about flowers in every culture on earth. That is to say, everyone loves flowers. They make the space around them beautiful and some of them smell nice as well.

Japanese Buddhist monks, around between 1400 and 1600 C.E. focused immensely on small crafts in their temples. Tea ceremony, zen gardens, and ikebana. Ikebana is the art of flower arrangement. For this purpose they developed their own style of scissors, ikenobo scissors (also available in stainless steel).

Nowadays it is still practiced in Japan with the aim of creating a natural look indoors, and calm your busy mind by observing it as if you are indeed outdoors in the nature. To make flowers at home last for more than two weeks shop high quality flower shears.

Try to find flowers for every room at home. You can add some even in your bathroom as long as it doesn't get too steamy, in which case you can add dry flowers! Look for different colours to complement the space. You can experiment one room at a time to find the nicest feel.

Flowers can be an easy element to bring colour, good smells, and an extra hobby to keep busy with.

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