Foot Nippers, what are they for?

Foot nippers look like regular nail nippers, but have straight blades. A curved blade is made with a focus on fingernails, which usually have a curved edge. Toenails on the other hand have a more straight edge, making it difficult to cut with a curved blade nipper.

Some people prefer scissors, which can do the job just fine if you have thin toenails and very stable hands. 

To avoid injuries, and most importantly to avoid cutting too close to your skin, you can use foot nippers (aka nippers with straight blades)

Comparison of Suwada Classic Nipper vs Foot (toenail) Nipper


Benefits of foot nippers

  1. They are easy to hold in awkward positions.

    A lot of people find it hard to cut their toenails. As we age it becomes even harder. Having a tool that you can handle easily, feels familiar to hold and allows you to see how much you are going to cut is important to avoid injuries.

  2.  Ingrown nails no more

    Cutting your toenails with scissors and curved nail clippers? Chances are you or a close one has experienced the pain of an ingrown nail. Straight blades are essential to keep your toe healthy and happy!

  3. Good looking toes - no stress

    Relying on good tools is a habit with plenty of benefits. That's why famous people like having the best only, not everything. A good tool will take away the stress of a painful process, and replace it with fun instead (just don't get carried away and cut too much) !!



You can have an extra nipper just for toenails. In the long run you will think back in the days of chopping your toes with the edge of a curved set of blades, and realise how much head space you freed up because of one little detail.

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