How to cut nails correctly

Nails grow all of the time. Trimming them is a skill we learn early on in life, but sadly many of us learn it incorrectly. That being said it's easy to relearn it.

Nail trimming is not complicated. You only need a little knowledge about your nails to make correct cuts. This way you can keep them healthy and good looking.

  1. Use sharp nail nippers.

    Blunt nail nippers or clippers will squeeze your nails and almost chew it before removing a part. A sharp nipper will cut straight through at a 90 degree angle, leaving a smooth cut surface.
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  2. Cut straight across first

    Do a simple cut as straight as possible. Many people start from the edges, which end up being cut too close to the skin and lead to ingrown nails.

  3. Trim by cutting small pieces

    Don't rush into cutting a nail in two clips. do about 7-10 clips for each finger nail, and 4-5 for toenails. Keep this rule of thumb to avoid cutting too hastily.

  4. Warm up first

    Cut your nails after a bath, a shower or simply soak them in warm water for a couple of minutes. The nails will become softer, making them safer to cut.

  5. Use hand cream afterwards and massage your fingertips

    This is to bring a mental close to the nail care session. Massaging the fingertips is relaxing and it will give you the idea of doing this slowly while enjoying it. 

These habits will stay with you and you will have healthier, better looking nails because of them. Personal care is all about a little knowledge, well and regularly applied.

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