Sommelier knives for elegant tongues - Limited

Sommelier knives for elegant tongues - Limited

Suwada sommelier knives are back in stock!

Wine openers are now back in stock in limited numbers. As they are fully handmade it is a very time consuming process to make one.

Only 200 are made per year.

There is only one person in Suwada who has mastered all the techniques necessary to make this bottle opener. It is truly a special item.

During its launch in November 2020 it received an international design award. It is without doubt one of the most attractive wine accessories!

It comes in two version, matt steel and mirror polish. The latter is only done by hand, slowly going to higher and higher grits in order to create a mirror-like surface on the metal.

If you think about buying a gift to a wine lover, this will be his favorite item.

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