Why do people cut their cuticles

It seems unnecessary and it requires a lot of extra effort. So why do men and women trim their nail cuticles?

The truth...

It's mostly for the looks and less for health. Cuticles are the dead skin dragged out as the nail grows. They make the nail look smaller and sometimes less attractive. The idea behind removing the cuticles is similar to the idea of nail cutting. If you don't need it, and it's not vital, you can cut it.

Too excited...

The problems start when you cut too close to the living tissue, or when you push it too much that you create an opening between the skin and the nail. 

The Why...

Your skin is almost stuck to the nail. This prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from entering, therefore keeping you in good health. Cutting only the dead skin though will be beneficial, as your nails will look bigger and smoother.

Does it really matter?

From a health point of view, the actual cutting of cuticles doesn't make a difference if done properly. The fact that you take care of your nails generally makes all the difference. Cut your cuticles every 3-4 weeks. 

The best way to do it!

There is a lot of resources to learn how to trim your cuticles properly. We are proud to offer a few of the best cuticle nippers and pushers in the world. The precision of handmade blades is unmatched. These tools last for years and become your ''go to'' item for hand care.

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